Last June 1, TWICE came back and released their ninth mini album with the title track More and More. 

This will be in two parts. I'll be talking about the title track and music video first, then the rest of the tracks!

To me, More and More is different compared to Feel Special and other past comebacks. This comeback signified that TWICE was maturing, and so was their sound. Compared to their old title tracks, this didn't have their signature twicepop feel but it was still amazing nonetheless. 

More and More is intended to be Twice's summer comeback/song and it did live up to that. There was a lot of EDM and pop mixed into this, a result of their partnership with Republic Records and having multiple foreign artists that worked on the song. 

I was really excited for this one because Mina is back and well, and we're going to have OT9 performances again! When the video first came out, I was so surprised with everyone's visuals. THEY ALL LOOKED LIKE FAIRIES/GODDESSES.

The trailers got me so hyped, especially since the concept was garden of eden like. With the apples and snakes. The sound in the teasers made me expect a slower sound though. 

GIF by everqlow (tumblr)

What surprised me the most was the line distribution! 

Line distribution for HEXA6ON (Youtube)

Dahyun and Chaeyoung has more lines for the title track and I am pleasantly surprised! Also, Dubchaeng center time!!!! 

One thing that irked me though was the amount of screen time Jihyo had for the music video. She had almost none. I speak for all Jihyo stans when I say we deserved more Jihyo shots instead of Maximus the horse even though he was the horse in Lee Min Ho's drama. 

The song was a refreshing EDM beat perfect for summer, accompanied by Twice's maturing vocals and the addictive "more, more, more, more, more and more" part. 

Dance break GIF by sinrinty (tumblr)

The choreography is also addictive to watch and do, and JYPE has given us the glorious dance break where everyone was a part of it with or main dancing machine, Momo was center of! While Feel Special's choruse choreography was confusing and hard for me, More and More was complicated in the sense that everyone needed to be in sync and it involved a lot more body control. I'm still in the process of mastering it but I'm on the way! 

This is my favorite part of the video: SANA MADE ME WEAK 

I also made a video of me reacting to the music video for the first time here:

Moving on to the album itself, Twice didn't disappoint. They always make sure to include a track to show how far they've come and are putting their lyric writing in their work. Pure talent. I'm glad their company is giving them the creative freedom to be part of this. 

Don't Call Me Again and Shadow is more of the darker tracks, talking about hiding their real selves and about a break up,

Make Me Go was the track Nayeon wrote and was actually written on the plane after she watched a horror film... her mind.

Sweet Summer Day and Oxygen hit closer to their original sound. 

Here are my track rankings from the album:
1. Sweet Summer Day
2. Shadow
3. Oxygen 
4. Make Me Go
5. More and More
6. Don't Call Me Again
7. Firework

Let me know what your personal favorites are! 

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