Comeback Season

Guess who is back and trying to revive her little space online?! 

A quick scroll through here and you’ll find that I’ve been inconsistent in creating content.

Due to the health pandemic now, I thought I might as well try to get back in touch with some hobbies I lost my touch with in the past few years. That includes vlogging and trying to read as many books as possible and this thing. Many people have been trying to make sense of being at home all the time now and I see tons of little passion projects being started. It’s all inspiring and overwhelming and I want to remind you it’s not a requirement to be productive. 

I disappeared from social media almost two years ago because of personal reasons. Reasons that made me want to disappear. So much has already happened since then and here I am making a comeback on the first day of May. As I write this, I realize how much has happened since the last time I’ve been here. I got out of a relationship, met amazing people, got a job, lost my lolo, watched Twice live, went blonde, almost went to South Korea, went on adventures, struggled with myself, had my small victories, got a new puppy, got hooked on more things and struggled with myself more. And this is a short cut out version of everything that happened.

Just wanted to put this out here so I have something to look back to and see how life was for me at this phase in my life. Would not have made it this far without them:

Insert Mariel
Insert Nikki, Ty, Viola, Chua, you know who you are
This is my attempt at making the most of the extra time I have. Hopefully, I get to be consistent even when we get back to our lives once this is over. I even bought a domain to motivate myself in coming back. It be comeback season for me on my blog, vlog and other happy things. Also Twice announced they are coming back on June 1st so techinally it really is comeback season. (WENK)

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