#BlackLivesMatter - What I Feel We Need to Act On

Sunday, May 31, 2020
I just need to let out how I feel about this whole thing - if you're just here on what to do, feel free to scroll down. 

I've been silent on social media the past two days. Silently reading the news, the posts everything I can learn on what's happening right now. It's a lot. I've been discussing with my friends about all this and I've been trying to collect my thoughts. 

George Floyd did not deserve to have his life ended so early and so unfairly just because of his skin color. 

There are too many things to say and I'm afraid I may say the wrong thing but it's better to try and speak up about it than be silent. 

When I saw the video, it left me speechless. I can't say I was surprised. Just angry and disappointed because this happened so many times already. George Floyd isn't the first human being to be treated this way. This is another here we go again moment when we shouldn't even be having anymore here we go again moments.

It's heartbreaking and infuriating to see the vast difference in how our cops handle white people and black people. Did they need 3 police officers to hold down ONE man? A man that was allegedly being arrested for paying with a fake bill. This was a non-violent crime. Did Derek Chauvin have to kneel on George Floyd's neck? No. Definitely not. 

Why wasn't "I can't breathe" not enough for that police officer to get off his neck?

That police officer has already several charges against him for mistreating people of color/black people. The system is wrong. He should have been stopped before it reached to this point. 

So much has already happened since George Floyd died. I want to link so many articles and tweets and just everything to make people realize how fucked up this all is. I've spent hours tearing up at videos and feeling so mad for unfairly these people have been treated. All this could have been avoided. 

This is why it's so important to speak up about it. Whether you're a celebrity, an influencer, a person with 10 followers. Say something. Do something. No matter how small. Here are some things I want to call out which is the main reason I am writing this. 

  • Stop saying the N word - Yes, I see you cool hypebeast kids still saying this word. Even if it's part of the lyrics. It's easy to just...not say it you know? This has been a slur for centuries. To this day, it may seem "cool" and seems like another word for "bro" or whatever but people still use it to insult black people. Call out your friends who still use it. Call out anyone who uses it. Stop. Using. The N. Word. Please. 
  • Recognize your privilege - Acknowledge the fact that the color of your skin and the way you look gives you access to things and opportunities that black people won't. Your intentions aren't questioned and you are not automatically dubbed as a dangerous person. You are the dominant representation on media - the list goes on. Having the choice to not speak up about this is privilege in itself. You choosing to not say or do anything about it just because it doesn't affect you is privilege. Instead, use your privilege to help those not being listened to be heard. Support black lives. Support our minorities. 

  • Recognize the internalized racism/bias - It's a thing. It's not your fault. You may say you are not racist but because of years of conditioning that white is the superior color of skin, there is this hidden bias our minds are used to. It's tough to get over but the fact that you are aware of it is a step already. We just have to work at it everyday. 
  • Educate yourself - Read, read, read. Listen to these oppressed people. Search and learn the terms being used during these times. Go through the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag on any social media platform. That alone will educate you on so many things already. 
  • Speak Up - One of the most important things we need to do. These people aren't being heard that is why they are protesting. Those with the power to speak up for them should support their movement. Speak up also to those who do not see the point in all this. To those who are neutral. Speak to them. Try and help them open their eyes. 
  • Donate & Sign Petitions - Sign the online petitions. It doesn't take 5 minutes of your time and if you can, try to donate to the following on this website: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ 
When you're done with all that, continue to educate, be conscious of your actions and try to speak up. This doesn't just end with George Floyd. We have to make sure this doesn't happen to another human being's life. We don't need another trending #BlackLivesMatter. We need to change. 

Here are more links that can explain things better than I can and with visual aid!

I apologize if I'm wrong on some sentiments or if I missed out anything. Feel free to help me learn more of if you have anything to add in the comments. Thank you. 

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