Recently, I received a drawing of myself: 

To be honest, ever since I got this until today, I go back to look at it often. It’s one of the best and few drawings I have of myself. I think this is only my second. The moment I saw this, I fell in love. I like how it turned out and I love the fact that the artist, Aly, included my necklace in this since I’m sentimental about it. It’s from my mom on my 18th birthday and it has been hanging from my neck since then and I’m turning 22 in approximately a month. 
#ArtForMedPH is a movement by artists here in the Philippines where they do commissions but all proceeds go to charities, organizations or people that are affected by COVID-19 - these depend on which artist you will work with.

For these set of artists, the major beneficiaries will be: Akbayanihan & Caritas.

A minimum of PHP 500 is all you need to get a traditional drawing, poem or digital illustration! You get to help those in need and get yourself something unique. Mechanics below:

Mine was personally done by Aly, my co-worker. Here are her and other artists sample works: You can choose what you want done depending on demand.

You can ask for a drawing of yourself, a loved one, a pet or your favorite fictional character!


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