So the only thing that has pushed me back on here is Twice's new comeback, YES OR YES.

Out of all the comebacks Twice had this year, Yes or Yes feels like the biggest out of them all. What is Love is my favorite from them, then Likey. Yes or Yes is coming so close to What is Love.

Yes or Yes broke records before we even hit 24 hours. No surprise there because THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU PROMOTE A COMEBACK WELL.

Even JYP was very confident in what would be the success of Yes or Yes. He said in an article,
"Yes or Yes is a song that only Twice can sing. It is a colorpop genre, a bouncy and bright song. This song will instantly stick "its a good song" in ears. We are that confident, no further explanation needed." (Source: ALLKPOP

Other promotions they did were the signs they had that said, "Do you like TWICE? YES or YES?" Multiple teaser videos and showing up on Knowing Brothers and Idol Room, this comeback was well promoted and hyped up a lot of people. 

My personal favorite would be the twitter emoji they had going on! 

Onto the video itself, it wasn't that cute, it wasn't that edgy, it wasn't girl crush either. Whatever Twice has going on, only they can do it. I now believe in Twice concept. And I couldn't be more proud of the girls. 

Sana's screen time on the music video was one of my favorites. I feel like she really owns the color pink now. Pink suits + Sana were just what God created for us. 

The line distribution has been one of the fairest I've seen throughout their whole career. Momo was finally not using a cutesy voice and more of her Sixteen voice. THE SONG, LYRICS WERE SO CUTE. If I still had a crush, this would definitely be my go to song to release my unrelenting love. 

THEN we have the choreography. Their choreo is getting harder and harder with each comeback, and they still manage to kill it while looking absolutely flawless. This is one of the best dances I've seen and it seems like such a fun dance too! 

The ending scene of the MV was my favorite. The close up shots of the girls with yes on their cheeks. When I saw that, I badly wanted to put a yes on my cheek and having glowing eyes and be as pretty as them and be a k-pop star.

This wasn't at the end.  But Nayeon was really adorable here. Fight me.

So with all that greatness with this comeback, we managed to break the record for fastest girl group to reach 10 MILLION VIEWS!!! Ah, the power of Twice.

What has got me into k-pop, you ask? So a year ago, i was so heartbroken and looking for a distraction. I was hanging out with Lara and she told me to check out k-pop groups like Seventeen and Twice's TT. 

So I did. Right after watching TT, I found out they had just come back with Likey - and boom. I fell in love with the nation's girl group. No regrets since. Twice has gotten me out of a dark place that time. So I feel overly attached to them, especially after watching so many videos and interviews of them and reading articles. 

I seriously cried after watching the music video for the first time:

Here's my vlog about it:

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