The Incredibles 2: Movie Review & Feelings

If you’ve been missing the past few years… (or generally have no interest in animated kid movies) then here it is: THE INCREDIBLES FINALLY GOT IT’S LONG AWAITED SEQUEL. 

So, a little backstory: The first Incredibles movie came out in 2004. I was six or seven years old then. Flash forward 14 years later, 2018. We finally have the second part of The Incredibles. I’m now 20 years old and I was so hyped to watch this film that I had a slight bitch fit when there were complications in my schedule….. 

The following are not spoilers because they were all in the trailer xo: 

The Incredibles 2 picks up right where the first one ended. Literally the same scene. So they fight the bad guy but unfortunately what they did was illegal. Recap from The Incredibles: Super heroes were illegal. Which is basically the conflict of this movie: struggling to have powers in a world that deems it illegal and bad. We have Helen, the mom, also known as Elastigirl recruited to be somewhat a propaganda hero to prove that heroes are not bad and that the world needs them. 

Bob/Mr. Incredible was recruited as well but their boss thought it was better to have Elastigirl out there first. All seems to be under control, Helen/Elastigirl was out fighting evil while Bob tries to be the best dad he can be. 

One of my favorite characters has to be Jack-Jack. FUN FACT: I just read this on twitter but Bob’s hero suit was blue while Helen’s was red and their first born child is named VIOLET. Then we have Dash and it’s given why his name is Dash… but how did they know he could run fast when he was a baby? Did he come out of the womb really fast? Then Jack Jack because he has so many powers because he’s a…. jack of all trades!!! All right, witty thinking, scriptwriters. 

The movie exceeded my expectations. Just like how I felt while I was watching Infinity War, i felt butterlifes in my stomach throughout the movie. In Tagalog, kinikilig ako buong time wahoo.

Helen being away from her family so they could have a better life reminded me of OFWs and Bob struggling to be a dad and mom at the same time was so adorable and painful to watch. Shoutout to the single parents out there. SPOILER ALERT: The main enemy’s speech about screens and how it controls almost everyone really hit me hard as well. Since it is true. We’re all consumers, getting absorbed by  whatever we see on a screen. 

Just like the first movie, it is incredibly family friendly. Kids will love it, adults will love it. Definitely recommend everyone to watch this as a family. Friends and significant others are also recommended. But I feel like watching it as a family will make you feel super. Especially if you’re a kid at heart like me. 

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