First of all, hello my blog! It's been a year and I've missed you so. I missed this white box where I would pour out my emotions and thoughts and struggle to form a decent sentence. 

I feel a bit overwhelmed as I type this. A lot has happened since I last posted. It's true that so much can change in just a span of a year. This time last year I was a part-time barista for Starbucks, making frappuccinos and falling in love with someone I never expected to fall for. 

Now I'm in my final semester (hopefully!) of college and I'm anxious but excited about what's I'm going to do after college... which is I have no idea yet. I want to continue learning but things that I actually want to learn. Like the French classes I never got to continue or piano lessons I never got to pursue. 

So much has changed and I even got the courage to cut my hair short. Almost everyone knows how much I adored my long, dry and messy hair. I loved it's length so much it took me months before I suddenly decided that "nope, I'm chopping my hair off. I'm going to do it." And it was surprisingly easier to let go of than I imagined.

Well, once you've let go of something you loved more than it, I guess it definitely got easier. It probably got easier knowing that in a way, he didn't get the short haired version on me. As if cutting my hair meant throwing away the old long haired me that loved him so much. 

But still, I am proud of myself for gathering the guts and deciding to go short. To be honest, I feel like I look more mature and more my age now with my hairstyle. 

Looking back at the past almost two years I wasn't here, I feel like I've grown a lot and the way I write has changed too. (I think???) 

I'm two months away from graduating college and entering what those older than me and what my professors call the ~real~ world. I got a new laptop and phone that has helped me keep my online presence everywhere except for this blog. My Youtube channel has been growing slowly and I have big plans for it. Being able to be more authentic is my main goal at the moment and then I suddenly thought, maybe it's time for me to come back to my blog.

So far me and Louise just passed our thesis defense yesterday and I'm still kind of in shock at all the free time I have now. I have a few subjects left to think about but it's Holy Week next week then 2 more weeks before finals. The Sims 4 is downloading on my laptop right now. I'm planning to start a story (a forever goal on my list since 2012), buy myself a piano and get a dog as my graduation gift next month.

I'm looking forward to getting Theo (MY GOLDEN BABY DOG) and getting through finals the most. 


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