The train is and forever will be one of my favorite things about Hong Kong. I wish the Philippines had a longer and more trains and also more stations! I think I enjoyed the train way more than I expected. Just tapping my octopus card on the sensor gives me happiness.

Our agenda was to go on the cable car to Ngong Ping. I was scared at first, you know my usual scaredy cat self lol. But surprisingly, it wasn't that horrible even if the surface we were stepping on was transparent. The ride plus scenery was so fulfilling and peaceful and made me feel really content. 

Ngong Ping was a really cute aesthetic village. Yes, I really said that. There was a lot of whites and it was just so pleasing to look at!

After Ngong Ping, we headed to Central, (wow dulo to dulo) for The Peak Tram. I was excited for this one because I wanted to see the view from up there!

So after the long wait in line, we finally got to ride the Tram. To be honest, I was half-panicking the whole thing would give up on how heavy and tired it is. It was steep and there were a lot of people and the Tram was operating the whole day, so I was afraid it was going to give up and slide down the track and we would all die.

So here's the view from the top:

It was so calming to look at, I swear! I never appreciated views like these when I was younger, (I'm not really sure why) but seeing the city and the bay was so satisfying and I felt like my life was fine and dandy and just... perfect. 

The weather was very cool and the atmosphere was gloomy but not really the kind of gloomy that makes you gloomy... Do you get me? I guess it was the perfect atmosphere for me. Too bad it started raining after awhile and I couldn't get to bask in the view and cold wind. (I didn't have an umbrella with me when it started pouring!)

I didn't realize I wasn't able to vlog that much but here's a vlog of our 2nd day in Hong Kong: 

See you again soon, blog and readers!!! (Chos feeling maraming readers)

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