WATCHING nothing. HTGAWM is coming back soon though so I can't wait to watch that again!

LISTENING to Frank Ocean's new album, Blonde

WEARING pajamas and a big t-shirt. Long weekends are the best.

THINKING about this blog and how nilalangaw ulit siya. I am also thinking about how much time I wasted sleeping and attempting to cope with life. Also thinking about my grades, the looming amount of schoolwork, And thinking about how I should manage my time more and thinking about how I'm thinking too much lately. Maybe I should stop thinking and stressing and start doing? I'm also thinking about how messy my life is and I REALLY NEED A PLANNER. 

EATING churros.

ENJOYING the long weekend.

FEELING overwhelmed and pressured with the amount of things we have to do for finals. Pressured because I feel like I can't leave things I am done with for certain reasons I cannot post online. I feel pretty weak too, because I just recovered from a 3 day battle with fever. I'm turning into a sickly girl. 

WRITING in my journal and a private (may or may not publish) post about Pokemon.

READING Scorose and basically anything Harry Potter related fanfiction/headcanons. Anything. Harry Potter has been my hold on sanity for the past month. My little escape from reality. 

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