Ulraaaayt. It's been a month since my trip to Hong Kong and I've finally decided to put up a blog + vlog together with it!! *PATS SELF ON THE BACK* I've been busy with a lot of stuff since I came back from Hong Kong, plus my laptop issues and then school - it was hell and made me sad because I miss all the free time I had. I think I took some pretty cool photos so I decided to upload them here.

This was my first time out of the country so of course I was hella excited for this trip! This was my mom's birthday gift for me, thank you mother!!!

It was a crazy birthday week for me because the day before my birthday I had a "surprise" dinner and the following day, lunch with my friends and then our flight to Hong Kong. So, GORA GORA GORA for me. I didn't mind though, it was the kind of energy worth wasting on. Okay, I got super exhausted and probably needed 3 weeks worth of rest in my room. 

Airport Express!

It was my only my second time on the plane and the last time I was on one was... 5 years ago. So taking off, flying and crashing or getting lost was on my mind the moment I stepped into the plane. I cried during take off lol @ me. I THINK IT WAS BECAUSE I WAS SO NERVOUS. But I really enjoyed the flight, the captain was a great driver/flyer???? Wow, look at me judging captains on my second airplane ride.

We arrived at Hong Kong at around 10AM, and I was amazed by how nice the airport was. And since it is my first time to travel, I got super giddy hearing every one talk in Cantonese (They speak Cantonese in Hong Kong right??? Correct me if I'm wrong!) and not in English/Tagalog. 

We stayed at Harbour Bay Hotel, a small but really nice hotel near Mody Road. Our room was small with two beds and not much space to move around in but I didn't mind at all. I fell in love with our room the moment I stepped inside. It felt so cozy and the sheets were amazing. Hence the flatlay with the iphone. I got the bed that was right next to the window, so I was a happy girl with good lighting.

We hung around our room for awhile. We were tired of walking around the streets with our luggage and waking up early for our flight. Well, my mom took a nap - I didn't. I was too excited to sleep! (And the wifi our hotel had was so fast I wanted to cry out of happiness.)

We tried to study the map above so we wouldn't get lost... but we still did... Hehe?


Canton Road, Part 1

Canton Road, Part 2

Canton Road, Part 3
We originally planned to go to Ngong Ping (the cable car ride) but I wanted to explore Hong Kong a bit more before heading to the tourist spots. So we walked everywhere. Got lost and went with the flow and just walked and walked and walked.

It was tiring doing that and I felt like I'd be knocked out the whole day next day. Even though I felt exhausted I wanted to keep on walking around Hong Kong! I was so amazed by how different everything was to me. The streets, the people, the transportation - I loved taking everything in. Writing this post now makes me miss the place. *SAD FACE*

Here are one my favorite parts of our trip: the ferry ride! The ferry brings us across to another side of Hong Kong quicker. Buuut we didn't ride it with the intention of getting to another side, we just rode it for the experience. And it was one of my favorite things! The ride was rocky because of the waves but it was so peaceful to me, especially with that^ view! I wish the ferry ride was longer so I could appreciate the cool air and view more. I can't express it enough: The ferry ride is one of the best things I experienced. (If you appreciate serene things that feels like time has stopped then maybe you'd enjoy the ferry ride too!)

Hong Kong's milk tea: SO DELICIOUS EVEN WITHOUT PEARLS. Until this day, I'm craving for that certain taste of milk tea. I think the restaurant Toast Box has it but I don't have the budget for that yet. (I'm so broke I don't know what money is anymore) Back to the topic, their milk tea was so good I drank nothing but milk tea for the whole duration of our trip. 

I intentionally made that sentence pop up in case you were too lazy to read and the bold-ness of the text caught your eye. I need you to know how much I loved their milk tea. 

To top of our walk-a-thon of a first day, as if going through a bunch of different streets wasn't enough, we took the train to Mong Kok to experience the Ladies Market. The vendors there were BRUTAL. They would not let go of you until you buy the item. They would lower the price until you agreed. They would lower it like 4 times and even ask how much you were willing to pay for it. THAT'S HOW INTENSE THEY WERE WITH SELLING THEIR MERCHANDISE. 

We also found sneaker street in Mong Kok! It was sneaker paradise. Almost the whole street was lined up with stores overflowing with sneakers for such reasonable prices! I was tempted to spend my birthday money on them. 

Here's a video version of our first day in Hong Kong! It's not as detailed and complete as this post but hey give my lame attempt at vlogging a watch!!

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