June (READ ME)

WATCHING ... sadly, nothing as of now. But I did watch a few films from the French Film Festival which happened last week and ends today!

LISTENING to Where My Love Goes by Lawson. It's such a sweet song and I manage to tear up from time to time when I listen to it. I tear up most when the song suddenly comes on the radio and catches me off guard.

WEARING my school uniform. Lol, back to school aka medyo hell. Medyo, because I'm actually interested in learning. Kind of. I just wish I could do it in bed, under my blanket???

THINKING about sem break... already.

EATING not really eating... more like drinking. Caramel Latte. Who knew I'd actually get into coffee??

ENJOYING the spoils of my birthday!! Hehe. Thank you for the birthday money, titos and titas! I'm also enjoying the wi-fi here at Krispy Kreme.

FEELING really sad because I had to reformat my laptop back to Windows 8. Apparently, my laptop cannot handle Windows 10 which gives me trouble in editing videos in Sony Vegas. So, I lost most of my files and programs. It's really sad. I was supposed to upload a birthday video last week but sadly, laptop problems. I also lost one to three important videos that was supposed to be part of my vlog. I spent a night crying about it. Because BIRTHDAY.

WRITING this blog post and a Thank You note blog post and my photography homework.


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