WATCHING Miraculous Ladybug!
LISTENING VIEWS - Drake's new album. My favorite is Too Good and Redemption. What's yours?
WEARING gym clothes - I'm about to leave for the gym. 
WANTING to skip to my birthday because I'm really excited about it!!
THINKING about redoing my blog layout! I want a layout where I can put more links to labels but I'm too lazy to surf the internet and do so right now. Hehe.
ENJOYING The daily shower of rain lately. Hello, rainy season! AND FINALLY, GOODBYE HEAT. I'm just hoping the La Nina effect won't be that bad. 
FEELING extra frustrated with my 3G connection that's currently connecting my laptop and I can't upload a photo + anxious about how I have to be back in school in less than a month. I hope I get a really nice schedule for the first semester. *Crosses fingers*
WRITING A book review for Glass Sword and The Crown.
READING...fanfiction! lol

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