I finally have my first Youtube video up!!! This has me so excited about everything because being a vlogger has been one of my dreams for such a long time!!! Think about the pre-Bethany Mota success, (The Bethany who wasn't all over magazines/shows/brands yet) Yep, that long. But my room sucked, I sucked, a lot of things sucked and I just kept pining for the day I would be able to finally vlog. So for the past year, I've been preparing and now, here I am!! I can't wait to work on my channel more. 

I will definitely not give up blogging. I have been blogging since I was 12/13. This will always be one of my first loves and I have no plans on giving up on this. I still plan on improving and to put up more quality content. I have a lot more planned out for me. 

So if you have the time, please watch my video and give it a like!!!! Maybe you could hit that subscribe button too.... 

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