Test Shots

I got my camera two weeks ago and I just had to take it out for a photoshoot. The camera was-slash-is my debut gift from my dad but I pushed for it to be given to me earlier so I could have something to do during the summer. (I turn 18 in 39 days!) 

We took the photos at Circuit Makati, a nice place for taking photos and hanging out with friends/family. I swear it's a nice place! You can sit around the skate park or parking lot if you don't want to spend money. I'd bring my friends there if only they didn't live far from Circuit. 

Obviously, I used Audrie as my model! This was really rushed, though, because she had to be home at a certain time and we weren't able to enjoy ourselves that much but hey, it's always a delight hanging out with your best friend who you don't see often. 

My camera is a Canon 700D and the lens I have are the 18-55MM. I edited the photos using Photoshop. Yaay! I can't wait to get more great shots and slowly improve. 

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