Life At Home Without Internet

For as long as I remember, I've been nagging my dad to apply for a wi-fi connection at home. I'm almost 18 now and it still has not happened. (DAAAAD PLS) It's been lit, fam.

So, shoutout to the teenagers who are in love with the internet but has this kind of the problem.

1. Broadbands and mobile data are my best friends and yours too.
Until prepaid broadbands decided to get rid of their unli surf promos. I used to time my registration and made sure I made the most out of the 24 hours or 2 days of unlimited internet. All nighters. This is why I am so so small.

2. Apparently the broadband I prefer is one of the few that got rid of unli surf promos.
No, I don't want to buy another broadband. I have mobile data. (And I'm still praying for constant connection at home. PLEASE.)

3. Most of your allowance goes to mobile load just for the internet.
Imagine how much you would have saved. *Sobs*

5. The amount of struggle you go through whenever school hands you work that requires the internet. < (Which is almost for all your schoolworks.)
"Will my groupmates believe that I don't have good internet at home and that's why I can't upload the presentation?" "Oh God, research." 

6. You're totally fine with having friends over but then:
You don't have wi-fi at home and you're freaking out because they might get bored and waste their time and good bye friendship.

7. Always on the search for nice places that offer free wi-fi, affordable food and a free power outlet.
And yeah, spending money to be able to stay at the place but hey, airconditioning!

8. Whenever you get good connection, you abuse it with no regrets.
Update applications, post big files, download music, tv series episodes, everything. You appreciate the moments you are connected.

9. If you're an internet addict like me, you feel like you're missing a lot on the wonderful web. 
Tutorials for guitar, foreign language? Make up tutorials? How to flirt???? Tips on how to stop being awkward????? It's a gold mine.

10. Constantly imagining how life would be without worrying about how you'll get connection.

11. You've already planned out how to contribute if ever your family decides to get a wi-fi plan.

12. It's not all bad. Without the internet distracting you, you get to spend time doing other things.
Things that don't require net access. You know, painting. Reading. Writing. But then again the internet has tips on how to paint, an inspiration overload all over tumblr and fanfiction. And what if I need references when I write?

Lucky are you who has  good internet access at home 24/7. In the mean time I'll be here. Hoping. Praying.

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