WATCHING Akagami no Shirayuki Hime. Yes, anime. I love anime. Especially this one. It has me squealing because I am in love with Zen. You will find me pausing in the middle of the episode to scream into a pillow or roll all over the bed. Welcome to my list of fictional boyfriends, Zen.
LISTENING to...nothing much really. I guess I could consider my pre-shower, shower, after shower jam which is One Dance by Drake.
WEARING big, white shirts almost every day because it's just so hot.
WANTING to go cliff diving with friends!!! I've been watching videos of people cliff diving and it seems really fun. I'm a person who hates roller coasters but then I'm really g for cliff diving?? At least when I fall there's gonna be water and not concrete ground. Do you get me?
THINKING about what I should do for my 18th birthday when I don't really want to do anything. lol
EATING Chocolates and Soya milk.
ENJOYING the gym! Going to the gym is basically my life now. I'm also enjoying my French lessons but that's only every Saturday so...
FEELING content so far with my daily life... and a tad bit frustrated because it's so hard to get a flat stomach. Huhu.
WRITING Episodes for the Episode app. (Hahaha?)
READING Stuff Matters by Mark Miodownik - I just started it yesterday.

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