The Cake Planet

The Cake Planet is a cafe along Dona Soledad, Betterliving! I'm currently at Cake Planet right now, making this post.

Story time: I found out about this place back when I was a third year student. That was almost 3 years ago - and now that I'm in my second year of college, I decided to finally hang out at this place this year. 

I absolutely adore this place and it's only my third time back. I'm definitely going to spending a lot more time here. I'm giving this place a 3.5/5.

I don't usually do reviews of coffee shops because I don't drink coffee at all!
So, I just want to say I hate coffee. It's bitter and annoying, no matter how much sugar or milk I place in it, I just despise the bitterness. (Probably because I'm already full of bitterness. HAHAHA.)

This place is close to my home which makes that really convenient for me. Since I don't have wifi at home and this place is readily available for me. I spend my Fridays here because I don't have class that day. So I do my homework or kill time here.

It's never full but a lot of customer drop by just to buy their cakes because they're really good! I hear they also supply the cakes for other cafes. The slices they serve are big and can fill your belly. Aside from the cake, their drinks are also really good. It's my first time to actually drink and finish a coffee based drink, so kudos to you, Cake Planet for being my first. The drink is also a lot, so it's totally worth it! I've tried two of their frappes already, (Chocolate and Caramel) and they're just as good as all the other things I've mentioned.

They also have sandwiches and other food - but they aren't always available. Which is why I wasn't able to give the place all 5 stars, because not all the stuff is available and they don't have wide range of drinks other than cold and hot coffee drinks and frappes. Even the frappes aren't fully complete.

Other than that, everything else is great. The service quality is A+. The staff is friendly and they even suggest things for you and offer you water without you asking. Althogh they won't do that all the time, when they notice you've been here for awhile, they do offer, which is really nice of them.

So if you live around this area, this is a really great places for people who are looking for a spot to work in - complete with wifi and an outlet to plug devices in!

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