Is it too late to talk about new year resolutions and such? Yes?

It's been two weeks since we entered 2016 and to be honest, I don't ~feel~ 2016 at all. I had an uneventful new year. I didn’t even leave the house! 

Let's admit it, new year's resolutions will mostly be forgotten by next month but, that's no reason to not consider the fact. I'm actually one of those people who like setting goals even though I tragically fail at attaining it most of the time. If I keep thinking that meh, I'm probably going to give up along the way or I cannot work out every week or I say I'm organized now but I'll be a wreck in 2 weeks.

I'm already claiming the fact that most of the ones I have now will be thrown out the window by March. But don't call people out on their resolutions. I think it's great that we actually want to improve and have goals, right? I set goals every month, week or day and New Year is like a little explosive reminder saying, hi you can do something great this year and set more ~goals~

It's a bit too early to say you aren't going to achieve your goal because you'll give up along the way. You have 12 months to pause and start again. There's nothing wrong with trying!

Here are mine: They're actually just the usual goals I set up for myself but I decided to kick it up a notch. (I literally got this line from Sims. lol) 


    1. I've always kept journals since I was in fourth grade, but I stopped when I turned 15. I've always meant to begin again - but it's often incomplete.
      1. BLOG MORE.
      Yup. In 2014, I completely neglected this blog. Last year, I made a comeback and tried my best to post as regularly as possible, trying my best not to miss a month! Last year, I had monthly goals wherein I had to make 3 blogs posts. I failed for some months - but I'm actually pretty happy with the progress I'm making. I'm brimming with ideas for my posts and I will push myself more!
      I BELIEVE THIS IS ONE OF THE TOUGHEST RESOLUTIONS EVER BECAUSE I'M ALWAYS SO BUSY AND TIRED - AND LAZY BUT MOSTLY BECAUSE I WANT TO RECHARGE. Aside from my futsal training, I have to work out myself! I'm cutting it to once a week.
      Or something you would call an "investment." Like a camera. I have always, always wanted a professional camera since I was 12, for photography and vlogging. I don't think I can save up for a pro camera, I think I'll be asking help from my parents for that, but who knows right?
      I'll admit it, I'm a frustrated writer. If you sit next to me to class, you'll find me writing excerpts from story ideas I never seem to finish. All my notebooks have at least one page that has an excerpt.
      I am so interested in photography, videography and painting, it kills me that I don't have the right equipment for it! This isn't anything new, I've been trying to improve these for the past few years but, it's nice to keep this on here and remind me that I still have a lot to learn. My  next goal: have a really nice photoshoot with one of my friends!
      I'm proud to say that I have already began. *Pats self on the back.* I have the makings of a hoarder. I hold onto so many useless things just because of the sentimental value it has. I recently got rid of 3 year old teddy bear key chains just because a friend won it for me. Even PAPER has sentimental value to me. I need more space in my room to make it pleasing and comfortable since I've kind of turned into a cavewoman who loves her cave so much.

      Simple and easy to achieve! Hahaha. I find it easier to start small then work my way up. It's such a great feeling to think "Omg, since I was able to do this, I can definitely do this-" 

      The big thing I found up there is the money-related one. As usual. I had a difficult time controlling my expenses but I have turned a new leaf and I'm actually saving a lot right now. Yay. 

      I hope everyone is okay with their 2016. if not, it's okay. You'll be okay. This post is so untimely but whatever, right? Hahaha. Good luck with your resolutions, if you have them. I'm going to quote this very overexposed quote: "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." - Confucius.

      I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT THAT REALLY COMFORTS ME WHENEVER I FEEL STUCK. I hope it makes you feel better about yourself even if you've probably seen that multiple times. 

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