monthly currents: january


WATCHING Modern Family again. YAAAAY. This honestly makes me so happy because Modern Family is one my favorite TV Shows. Watching the first few scenes already had me giddy with happiness. I love this family so much.

I put Love In Tokyo on hold because I don't have access to the internet 24/7... and I like watching 5 episodes in a row.
LISTENING to Indian Summer by Jai Wolf and Middle by DJ Snake. These two songs have been on repeat and make me feel ~things~
WEARING leggings. I love leggings so much. SO WARM. SO COMFORTABLE.
WANTING the semester to end! I want free time, all the time.
THINKING about midterms and the things I have to study. Lol. Thinking about studying. But I don't even know where to start!!!! I'm also thinking about money. But that's nothing new.
EATING ...Yakisoba. I've been chowing down on so much instant noodles lately. I am going to die early. I should stop. Thank God, I haven't eaten instant noodles for 2 days now. IT'S JUST SO UNHEALTHY YET SO GOOD,
ENJOYING the new arrangement of my room! I also put up Christmas lights on the wall. I can't sleep when the lights are off because that's how much of a scaredy cat I am. Having Christmas lights makes it possible for me to finally switch of the lights when I sleep.
WRITING a 20 page script for my class, scriptwriting. Louise is right next to me doing the same thing.
READING (read) The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I'm still a sucker for dystopian fantasies and this book just swallowed me. I heard the next book is coming out next month. Lucky me! I'm not reading anything else so I won't forget any details.

My January has been a bit slow and boring filled with football training and concentrating on my studies. I don't actually feel like I'm concentrating on them, but it seems like that's all that's happening in my life right now.

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