why i love the christmas season

The love I have for the month for December is unexplainable. To be honest, I feel like I love December more than my own birth month. I love December for a very obvious reason, Christmas!


When I was younger, our house came alive with Christmas decorations, people were busy and buzzed around, my titos would play music on the speakers in the living room and our home was alive. But of course, eventually my titos moved out and the house became emptier and I got older, and my grandparents were too tired to put up the Christmas tree. I haven't seen our tree in almost 3 years, which makes me really sad.

Now that I've shared a bit pf my childhood, it's obvious I love how warm and close my family used to be during this season. What I'd give to be a kid again! 

Aside from recieving gifts and money as a clear and general reason as to why I love Christmas, there are much more things I love about this holly, jolly season. 

(Making a bullet list so it's more pleasing to the eyes. Or if you want to skip me going on and on and on and cut to the chase...yeah.)

  • CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!!! - I am in love with Christmas decorations and if I was rich I swear I would have bought anything Christmasy and worth the cash to decorate my room. Christmas lights, christmas pillows, christmas candles, the works. You can't blame me since my house lacks in this department.
  • Christmas songs - Do you get all bubbly when you hear Christmas songs being played in public? I feel the Christmas vibes more when I hear it in malls or when I'm in the car.
  • Reunions - Christmas. The perfect excuse to meet up with friends.
  • Christmas break - Do I really need to elaborate this..?
*Internally gasps.* I am currently having a mental block in the middle of thinking about why I love the Christmas season. 

  • I get the urge to wear red and gold. For the whole month. 
  • Ugly. Holiday. Sweaters. - They are so cute and ugly, I want a collection. One day.
  • Santa - I love this man.
  • Christmas themed videos from my favorite vloggers
  • The feeling that Christmas is about to happen. - I know I'm not the only who feels this way.
  • I get to say goodbye to the heat temporarily.
  • Christmas markets/bazaars! -  Even though I don't buy anything. Hehe.
  • Paskong Bedista - Even though it sucked this year.
  • Noche Buena
  • Food. So much food. 
  • Christmas themed anything.
  • The fact that it's the last month of the year makes it more... special or is that just me? The new year always gives me a bucket of hope for something fresh and new.

I decided to host a link party - I want to know why you love Christmas and I'm looking for new blogs to follow for 2016! So leave a comment below or make your own post and add your link below! Yay! 

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