Noel Bazaar & The Burgery

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

For the last day of November, me and my family went to the World Trade Center where the Noel Bazaar was being held. We've been going to the Noel Bazaar for 3 years straight (2, or probably more?) now and I'm hoping it's going to be a yearly thing for us!

My mom's goal was to buy gifts for her officemates and other significant people in her life but in the end, it seems like I was the only one who left completely satisfied. I scored a new top, mascara, perfume and my favorite purchase, a skittle scented candle. I'm blaming all the vloggers I've been watching for my want of scented candles. It's so hot in the Philippines, why do I need another source of heat directly in my room!? Despite this complaint, I still bought the candle.

Yesterday was the last day of the bazaar and most of the stalls lowered their price even more today. That's what they were saying anyway, I have nothing to compare it too but the prices they were giving us were really low and affordable. Especially for the perfumes and make-up. I wasn't too keen on both items though. They weren't exactly authentic and all I could smell was alcohol from each one!

When it came to clothing, there were a lot of pretty pieces of clothing at the bazaar too. If you kept your eye open, you'd be able to spot the stores that didn't sell generic clothing, like the usual ones you'd find on Instagram shops or your usual thrift stores or places like Ruins in BF. They had some clothes that were unique which I was really into. Finding unique clothes that didn't cost a fortune are some of the small things I'm incredibly grateful for. 

Somebody pat my back for not splurging so much on socks this year. I am in love and crazy about cute socks even though I don't wear them out, just at home. I just love socks. I'm going to collect them again soon. When I have enough money to splurge on them.

Typing down this post, I realized I should have gotten the names of the shops that had online pages and products that were great…but it's too late for that. We'll be going to the next bazaar, the bigger one. I don't know what it's called but me and my mom call it the world trade bazaar? Correct us if we're wrong! Haha.

Our last stop and my favorite, moreover the scented candle, was The Burgery stall they had inside! The only branch I've seen is in BF and it's a pain for my wallet to go there even though it's really near my school.

I love the burgers from The Burgery! It's affordable and so incredibly delicious, yummy, delectable…etc.  I hope you get how much I appreciate The Burgery. My favorite and what I got was the French Mob. It's the cheapest burger on their menu at the stall and I'm rating it 11/10. My brother and mom got Bugsys and those were really great too. I've made a personal note to save up to go to their store in BF to try out more of their burgers and not just their French Mob.

I hope you guys enjoyed your holiday yesterday!


I'M ALSO BLASTING HO HO HOPEFULLY BY THE MAINE. HIGH FIVE IF YOU KNOW WHY THIS IS VERY RELEVANT. IF NOT, I suggest you go listen to it now! (I miss The Maine) (I just realized how fun it would be if they played a holiday show in Manila. But then I wouldn't be even be able to go. It'll still be cool though.)

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