mothly currents: december

A few more days before we say farewell to 2015. I'm pumped for what 2016  has in store for me but at the same time I just want to extend 2015 a bit longer. I'm not ready to go back to school and deal with my responsibilities. 

So for the month of December I've been...

WATCHING Love In Tokyo. Actually, I'm binge watching it. Thanks to my friend, Kaila for recommending this to me! I'm pretty sure this was a manga turned TV Show! Anyway, it's my first time watching a Japanese drama show - and it's really cute and funny. I squeal when I watch this. 
LISTENING to Silent Sanctuary. I found a new appreciation for their sound during Paskong Bedista and I've been streaming them on Spotify ever since. (I've been listening to The Beatles lately too. THANK YOU SPOTIFY!!)
WEARING Pajamas. The weather is lovely and perfect for pajamas. At least, where I am anyway.
WANTING inspiration and ideas! And more food. 
THINKING about...nothing in particular because I'm way too focused on what I'm binge watching.
EATING nothing, but if I there was a way, there would be a chicken sandwhich and a bucket of fries from Potato Corner by my side right now.
ENJOYING the Christmas gifts I recieced & Love In Tokyo!
FEELING a bit emotional because my little brother isn't so little anymore and everyone including me is growing up - and happy because it's still December.
WRITING a few blog posts I have in mind before the ideas vanish!
READING fanfiction. I am not ashamed. I have been reading dozens of fanfiction about Robb Stark and... Harry Styles.

And from Windows 8, I updated to Windows 10! I'm in love with it and in general, it doesn't make my laptop slow, but Sims 3 and my other games have turned slow, which sucks.

I don't know if you believe in New Year's Resolutions, but I do. You don't have to begin at the start of a new year, you can always have a new resolution at any given time, but the thought of a new year seems so grand although it's just simply a new day and a number added to the year. Having a set of resolutions gives me hope, something to look forward to, so I'm planning on making one tomorrow. 

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