Sem break 2015

Ah, sem break. I imagined spending you differently. I pictured myself not staying up till 4 am, starting that story I've been thinking of, starting my day right and not stuffing myself with unhealthy food. Two weeks ago, I saw drawing, working on blog posts, editing photos and videos... You know, all the stuff I always, always want to work on but normally can't because of school work?

But alas, I'm here burying myself in the internet till 4 am. Stuffing myself with Yakisoba and Coke. 2 packs of instant noodles and a tall glass of coke every night, respectively. At least I'm doing some of the things I really wanted like catch up with How to Get Away with Murder. With each episode, each of them gets deeper in shit, no matter what. I feel their stress. I also feel Caleb. MMMMMMM.

I also found a new love for something unexpected: SIMS 3.

I found Sims to be incredibly boring when I first installed it last summer, but the day we started our sem break, when I got home from school, I started playing it again - and it all went downhill from there.

Teenage me getting it on with my housemate. Yes, housemate. I purposely made a sim who isn't related to my family so I could get flirt once I woke up or got home from school. Easy husband in the making. HAHAHA.

Back in summer I had trouble making them socialize and I wanted to have kids! That's why I did the things I did...

That one time I threw a party and the baby started crying and everyone hated that baby.

See, got them engaged as soon as we both turned into young adults. I am going to admit I got butterflies in my stomach and I got really happy about this moment. THE SIM ME GOT ENGAGED! Geronimo soon to be Salvatore. My husband's name is Julian Salvatore.......... okay.

And lol, I got engaged in our kitchen. And in my pajamas. Not kidding when I said I got them engaged as soon as they aged into young adults.

AND I CAN'T BELIEVE I DON'T HAVE ANY SCREENSHOTS OF THE ACTUAL WEDDING!!! I think I wasn't able to save them. Bullocks. (I've watched Love, Rosie twice last week. I have no life.)

I originally wanted twins but I got beautiful bouncing single girl instead. Again, my happiness and love for this baby is as genuine as it can get. I even named her my favorite name in the world, Seraphina. I got disappointed at first though, because I really wanted twins and I made my sim watch Kids TV and I endured about 40 minutes (irl) of Kids Music on the game just to make my chances higher. I fell in love with Sera immediately though.

I even made a whole new Sim family and moved them next door so when Seraphina grew up, there'd be two available men next door and I'd just have to choose which one would be her future hubby. Yes, i am taking this very seriously and thinking of each and every Sim's future here. They have feelings and I am attached to them and quite certain am screwing myself over. 

Here is my baby girl, Seraphina becoming best friends with their neighbor, blank. I will not include his real name because I have named him someone I know in real life. So, I am basically pouring my crushed hopes and dreams into this game. Let's call him Germ.

I decided to go and adopt a boy instead, so someone would continue the Salvatore family line. I told you I'm thinking of everyone's future. Here I found out that our household was full! That's probably the reason why Seraphina didn't have a twin. It was a blessing in disguise though. One of my sims died, so that made space.

But I realized that won't be enough to shoulder two new babies plus Gio, (chubby blonde guy in a ponytail) was engaged and I wanted his fiance to move in with us. I accomplished the two elders life goals, my parents and kicked them out. HAHA. I did not want to kill them and I certainly wanted more Geronimos around the town. (Also more people to occupy the empty houses.)

This was a better proposal than my own...

My next pregnancy was succesful and I got twins! Boy twins! Hooray for my little Salvatores. 

Me taking home my baby boys and then taking them out the basket... Help me I am so attached to these people. I named them James and Alexander. IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL THING. At first, the game didn't tell me I got twins! It just asked me to name a boy. I got so annoyed but greatful that it was a boy. But right after naming James, the game asked me to name another boy and I literally squealed in delight. Not kidding, I was ecstatic. 

That's basically it right now. I just installed an expansion pack, University Life and I'm planning to send Seraphina there, so let's see how this is going to work out. 

I just totally wasted your time with this. 

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