B&W: Just A Bunch Of Complaints

This post is about how broke and stressed I am with some nice photos I took over the short period I haven't blogged.

The feeling where each professor dump so much complicated work on you and it piles up and you have no idea which project you're supposed to start on. Everything just starts to be a jumbled mess in your head and you're stressing out because you know you're supposed to be doing this certain thing and that thing and you just have no idea what to start working on and how you're going to work on it.

The pile just kept on growing and I tried to make it smaller, but the evil ones (professors) kept dumping more work on top. I was too attempting to reduce this pile, I don't know what to do with what just arrived.


Hell week is happening ever so slowly and the deadlines are looming over my small frame.

The only thing that is motivating me is the fact that I'm at the edge of hell. I just have to push through a few more weeks and I can sleep my way through sembreak. (I am a broken record. I repeat the word sembreak more than 10 times in one day.)

This is Yelle. Hi Yelle!
I also lost my retainers yesterday which adds to my stress. I am drowning in money-related problems and I'm in dire need of cash. My hands are open to any kind of donation if you want to help me. (Kidding. Kind of.) One peso can make a difference.

The past few nights have been spent on thinking about ways to make money. Everyone around me seems to be getting rich lately. Is it because of their debuts?

Speaking of debuts, debut celebrations keep on popping up out of nowhere. I can't help but want  to turn 18 too. I'm a '98 baby so that's not gonna happen anytime soon. All hail '98 babies, it'll be our year next year! The girl above, (Yelle) just turned 18 last month and she treated us to Yabu. AND I LOVE YABU. SO MUCH. I also love Yelle. So much.

I'm trying to pick up on photography again. Not professionally, just you know, snapping shots of my daily life and whatnot. Hence, the black and white pictures. But it is kind of difficult bringing a camera around all day and I haven't exactly got the time to be thinking of that because of finals. Photography isn't the only thing I'm trying to work on, that's why I can't wait for the sembreak to be able to work on things I haven't been able to pour my heart out on.. Like my blog.

Hopefully, I'm actually productive for my sembreak and not just waste the days laying on bed and thinking about what I should do! Although sleeping is fine, I need that. I need to grow as much as I can before I stop growing for good.

Counting down the days till this semester is over!

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