Monthly Currents: August

August was... okay. It felt like a long month and here's what I've been doing regularly for August:

  • WATCHING How To Get Away With Murder! I am mind blown by this series and I can't wait for the second season. I get weird chills when I'm alone at home though. I feel like I'm going to be murdered at any second... 
  • LISTENING to The Maine, This Century at the start of August but by the end I had What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber on repeat. I love that song so much, I have no idea why. 
  • WEARING glasses, new school shoes & a black backpack. I finally got glasses, hooray! It helps me a lot in the classroom and my shoes are so comfy. Haha this is me upgrading my school gear.
  • WANTING a new book to read, cash to buy said book and time to read this book. I spend my time in bookstores drooling over books I want but can't have. I want pixar art books and YA novels, instead of enjoying my trips to Fully Booked or National, my heart cries.
  • THINKING about how exhausting it is to keep up with people you don't jive with. 
  • EATING  fried isaw and calamares. I've started eating street food last year and I've discovered my love for fried isaw. And in my almost 6 years in Beda, I have never eaten their calamares which is really good after all. I hate seafood so I avoided squid. lol
  • ENJOYING the rainy weather even though it's inonsistent. 
  • FEELING unsatisfied with some of my midterm grades even though I know I did really well! A little overwhelmed because of training and the futsal games too but I've been getting great sleep lately.
Photo credits to me, finally! 

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