Monthly Currents: August

Thursday, September 03, 2015

August was... okay. It felt like a long month and here's what I've been doing regularly for August:

  • WATCHING How To Get Away With Murder! I am mind blown by this series and I can't wait for the second season. I get weird chills when I'm alone at home though. I feel like I'm going to be murdered at any second... 
  • LISTENING to The Maine, This Century at the start of August but by the end I had What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber on repeat. I love that song so much, I have no idea why. 
  • WEARING glasses, new school shoes & a black backpack. I finally got glasses, hooray! It helps me a lot in the classroom and my shoes are so comfy. Haha this is me upgrading my school gear.
  • WANTING a new book to read, cash to buy said book and time to read this book. I spend my time in bookstores drooling over books I want but can't have. I want pixar art books and YA novels, instead of enjoying my trips to Fully Booked or National, my heart cries.
  • THINKING about how exhausting it is to keep up with people you don't jive with. 
  • EATING  fried isaw and calamares. I've started eating street food last year and I've discovered my love for fried isaw. And in my almost 6 years in Beda, I have never eaten their calamares which is really good after all. I hate seafood so I avoided squid. lol
  • ENJOYING the rainy weather even though it's inonsistent. 
  • FEELING unsatisfied with some of my midterm grades even though I know I did really well! A little overwhelmed because of training and the futsal games too but I've been getting great sleep lately.
Photo credits to me, finally! 


  1. Hi Samantha! When you get the chance, you should get a copy of More Than This by Patrick Ness. I know I keep recommending this to people, but it really IS interesting!

    Also, my mouth drooled when you mentioned calamares. Aaaah! Want!

    1. Hi Ate Gail!! Thanks for reading and commenting. I got a copy of More Than This last Sunday and I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for the suggestion!


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