To all my favorite bands & the girl who was in love with them...

Hi, it's me. The 12 year old girl who felt like she was taking on the world when she actually wasn't. Your songs were on repeat for many years. Thanks to each of you I found my best friend and also found myself. I'm not just saying that! I feel like I became a much better person. Me and my best friend went through so much and did many, many crazy things just to be able to hear you live and get a chance to meet you. I remember flooding my own timeline with my own tweets about you guys. One of my favorites is when #TheMaine-something something trended. I was going apeshit because The Maine arrived in Manila. I couldn't sleep because the next day I knew I'd be stalking them at their hotel with Audrie. We didn't see them at all though... We cried in the lobby and outside the hotel. Imagine the trouble we had to go through. I remember how jealous I was of warped tour and how bad I wanted it to happen here in Manila. I will never forget screaming my heart out at concerts and crying at the sight of your faces. My exact thoughts at every concert were: "Oh my god. They're real. They're here. In front of me. Moving. They're real people. These are their voices." I remember exploding when Kennedy from The Maine smiling at me and Jonathan from Forever The Sickest Kids saying he loved me (or probably Audrie so let's just say the both of us.) Those were and still are the highest points of my life.

My fangirl life wasn't very successful. I was a sad, broke one. We got into small arguments with bouncers. I mean, who hasn't? They can be so mean and violent. *Sob* Audrie even stabbed one with a sharpie! You could say all these bands were a foundation of who I turned out to be today. My username on 99% of my social media accounts are @thesamset, thanks to my obsession with The Summer Set. (Tell me you didn't ship Jess and Stephen. TELL ME.)

The reason why I suddenly decided to write this down or rather, type this down is because I found myself listening to my old music the other night and I got hit with nostalgia. I even teared up and texted my best friend about how sad I felt about missing The Maine and All Time Low for the nth time. Add in the news about This Century and their impending break up... I realized how many years have passed since I became their fan. A Rocket To The Moon have already split and now This Century is on the line. It made the fangirl in me come back to life. I was lucky I got to see A Rocket To The Moon live before the officially split up but will I be lucky enough to be able to hear the rest of my favorites before things end?

I felt like I was letting myself down by not being able to achieve the goals I had a few years ago such as attending every concert they'd be having here, meeting them, actually having a photo with them and feeling them. That sounds weird but you know - hugging them. I would stay up late at night imagining how things would go. How I would save up money and not touch that said money just so I could get VIP pit tickets and a meet and greet pass. (Yes pulp royaltly, I'm talking about you.) I had so much plans and promises to myself. Not being able to them years later kind of saddens me a little and actually proves how I've changed over time. As I grew older, my music taste grew and I got busy with life and friends and other aspects of life.

You could say I've drifted away from all this but I will never forget about each and every one of my favorite bands. I will never forget crying when the white curtain dropped at BRF 2 and Lost In Stereo started playing, heading to SM North right after my retreat and going through the extra effort to get last minute tickets for 8123. Every hardship was so worth it to hear my favorite bands live and see them smile in front of me. I could go on about how sad I am that I'm still broke and can't fund my fangirl life but that's unecessary.

The Maine, ARTTM, All Time Low, The Summer Set, FTSK, This Century (Okay, Owl City too!) etc, you will always have a special place in my heart tucked into my heart. I won't be able to forget amazing bands like you. My love for you is eternal. The love I have for each of you feels like the first love kind of love. Your music still gives me inspiration and picks me up from time to time. By the way, I find it funny how I have turned into such a hardcore Drake girl now. Didn't see that one coming either. The 12 year old me is still here. She's 17 now obviously and she's still hoping to be able to meet you guys one day.

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