Monthly Currents: July

WATCHING NOTHING. Would you believe how crazy July has been for me? I've been sleeping my way through the past month. I wasn't able to squeeze even one episode of any TV show! I'm also falling behind with my favorite vloggers. Ugh, the struggles of a fangirl.

LISTENING Drake, drake and more drake. I had a lot of Drake feelings for July.

WEARING a black pencil skirt. That thing has been my most go to bottoms to wear lately. So comfy and makes me feel good about myself. 

WANTING still a new phone. Reasons: I want a bigger screen, update my iOS without worrying about my battery life. I love my iPhone 4s, it's durability is amazing. (Not kidding, I've dropped this phone so many times and in so many...places.) A really stupid but real reason is so I can take better...selfies. There, I said it.

THINKING about my upcoming midterms and WNCAA. I also think about when school is going to give me a break. 

EATING buffalo wings. Burgers. Katsu. Repeat. 

ENJOYING all the food I've been stuffing myself with lately. My cheeks have grown 5 times bigger. 

FEELING disappointed again because I couldn't accomplish at least 3 of my goals for July! July was a lazy month for me. A lazy and walwal month. I don't remember picking up my ukulele at all. I should learn how to manage my time. 

July was... okay. A lot happened this month. Made lots of new friends and formed really great bonds. July was full of spontaneous wallet crunching decisions. Goal-wise, I'm not doing really well. I swear to do better this month! I hope everyone has a lovely August ahead. 

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