Me and my high school friends hit the beach a few weekends ago! It was for our friend, Fiona's 18th birthday celebration. She didn't want a traditional debut so she opted to sponsor a beach trip with us, her friends! Hooray. It was an overnight trip which made it way more fun because we weren't so cut for time and we could enjoy swimming and taking photos at the beach.

This was the house we stayed in. It was a big place and it had a pool behind. I swear I wanted a house this pretty. It was spacious and had lots of chairs too. There was a comfort room near the pool. Was it really a house? It's like a small bed and breakfast place. There was even a gym! (Which we probably weren't allowed to use. Haha.) Speaking of bed and breakfasts, I suddenly want to own one!

The house was directly in front of the beach too. Do you hear the part of me sighing in satisfaction? I do. Admit it, for some of us this is all we want to live in front of the beach. Dreamy sighing. There were stairs that led to the beach and even the stairs were something to look at. 

My favorite part about beaches are the waves! Because there is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away. 

HAHA just kidding. That quote is beautiful though. I just spotted it on one of my friend's instaposts. Drama and quotes aside, I love waves. They just make everything more fun. Even if it's really strong and big and has the biggest possibility of taking you down and get hurt. Especially then! I just love it when that happens. I just love how the waves make me feel. From the small ones that calm me and the big ones that exhilirate me. 


Here is the birthday girl herself! Happy birthday, Fiona. <3 She was really aiming to get a good tan in the span of two days and I'm honestly happy she did. Reneg goals achieved!

I love this shot! Sand in my hair and surrounded by a wave that just crashed onto the shoreline. 

After lunch, we decided to hang by the pool. We even decided to play Royal Rumble. I just learned that very day that a Royal Rumble is multiple people playing chicken fight at the same time. At least that's what I think it is. I have never gone swimming with my friends without there being a chicken fight. It just isn't right if there isn't one! For the record, I can't recall a single time I didn't participate in a chicken fight. I'm small so it's easy to carry me around! Haha. 

Credits to Nikki Cruz for the two amazing shots above! 

This is the kind of weather summer is supposed to be all about. Lounging by the pool with friends, no phone in hand and happily enjoying an unlimited supply of ice cream. Okay, it wasn't unlimited but it sure felt like it. 

Sitting around like that was pure bliss. We didn't need an electric fan of any sort. Just the warm breeze drying our bodies and sunshine. It was the kind of warm that made you like summer. I'm guessing it was tolerable because it was the kind of summer heat we hear about in books and not the waking up drenched in sweat kind of heat we usually experience in the city. I'm betting the reason why the heat is so unbearable in the city is because of the pollution. *Insert worried thoughts about global warming here.*

Squad goals! Actual squad goals. We have been planning to hit the beach almost every year since senior year. Which is actually not too long ago...high school feels like a really long time ago. We're entering our second year of college! Wow.

Our first pose was in honor of our friend, Diana (the one in the one piece suit) for finally showing up and proving she was alive. We haven't seen or heard from her in months.

It's sad that we're missing 5 of our friends. It would've been waaaay more fun with them around!

Some of us woke up pretty early on the second day to hit the beach. Make most of the remaining time since we'd be leaving after lunch! We finally ventured out to the deeper part of the ocean. We weren't able to do that yesterday due to the amount of rocks but we found another way! There were still a lot of rocks but at least it wasn't as shallow as those near the shoreline! Unfortunately, some of us were unable to get back onto land unscathed! 

I sat by the rocks and enjoyed the waves crashing into me even though some of them were way too strong and I actually fell back against the sharp shells and got a small cut on my back! Totally worth it. 

We left after lunch and our bathroom was so pretty I didn't want to leave it. 

To be honest, I hate getting darker. It's an insecurity I developed late last year. But being around these people made me not care about anything at all. I hope that these are the people that are going to stick around till the next decade and so on. 

If you want to go on a trip like this with your friends, it's going to take a lot of careful planning depending on the kind of parents your friends have! I know everyone sees and knows that "spontaneous trips are the best" and they are but unfortunately life doesn't roll like that. 

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