University of Santo Tomas

So I went to a trip to UST the other day. No particular important reason. I wanted to visit the school and see Audrie and Brigette and I also wanted to feel the place out so I could decide whether I wanted to transfer here or nah.

Here's the catch, I charged into the campus with no sleep at all. Not even a few minutes of sleep. Nope. Zero.

Bedan alumni!!

This day was literally a small adventure for me. I met up with a few unexpected people and had really lovely conversations. I spent the whole day outside under the scorching sun. The next time I visit, I seriously need a cooler place to stay... I'm sorry, the heat makes me cry.


I have bugged my friends over 5 times to pass by the big UST letters throughout the day. Turista picture yes? I have always wanted a photo with that. Just look at how small I am. People below 5 feet, high five. I also spotted my ex crush while we were walking around the parking(?) area. We had a moment. The eye contact moment. Exhilirating. He was still as cute as ever. I found out he was a med student. I felt it in my heart that my face was familiar to him. We did play football when he was back in high school, after all.

I've only been to UST twice. The first time being Paskuhan. I'm still pretty amazed by how big and nice this school is. I guess this is what you get for studying in a small school? But I'd probably still be amazed even if I was studying in a bigger school. You know, new places slash things.

UST really gave me college vibes because of how big it is with all the places you could hang out and all the restaurants too. Despite the unbearable heat during lunch time, the heat finally decided to settle down around 3-4pm. Me and my friends werea able to hang around lover's lane and I was able to take some really good shots.

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