We at at Chef's Home for lunch on the second day. All I can say is yum! Their food was definitely mouth watering and mind blowing. My only regret is filling my tummy with milk tea before this. I wasn't able to fully appreciate all the food laid out in front of me. I wasn't exactly paying attention to what the food were actually called... Big flop. What really caught my taste buds was the fish and salad! Again, that's saying something because I am in no possible way, am a salad person. The fish was soft and had so much flavor thinking about it now is making me hungry.

Right after lunch, we hit Bencab Museum, one of the museums in Baguio! It's filled with paintings and statues of the old Filipino tribes in Baguio. (Correct me if I'm wrong!)

The entrance fee is only 100 pesos. The hundred was worth it because of the really wonderful paintings you get to see. You can take all the photos you want. I wasn't able to take photos to my heart's content due to my camera's battery dying out on me. 

Did I mention that Bencab had a wonderful view outside? There was also a small cafe at the bottom of the museum where you could hang around with your companions and share stories or simply enjoy the view and cool breeze the place offered.

Like I said, my camera died and I had to use my phone for those 3 square photos. Thanks to my younger brother for feeding my vain hunger and taking photos of me! The place was beautiful and I just had to have photos with it. Insta worthy? Definitely.

I met up with my best friend, Audrie the following day. We met up at Camp John Hay. It's not every day that we would be in Baguio together so a mandatory photoshoot took place. 

We're adorable. I know, I know. 

 We've been planning to go ziplining at the tree top adventure that morning but sadly, there were just too much people on most of the rides. That included canopy and superman stuff. The only stunts that were available were the tree drop, trekking and sky walk.

We really wanted to do something together so that our whole meet up would be somewhat productive. So we decided to try the tree drop.

This was such a huge deal to me. I am deathly afraid of thrill rides that involve heights. I used to be afraid of heights but I got over that. It didn't mean it got rid of the fear of rides involved with heights. I was already internally panicking when we were talking about what ride we'd be doing with our parents. I was internally screaming not to do the tree drop but I pushed myself to just go pay for it and I could just back out last minute if I wanted to. 

The drop was 60 feet high and I was silently panicking and I could feel my heart jumping out of my chest when Audrie went ahead of me. I was not exaggerating the fact that I was scared shitless. I have been to Enchanted Kingdom 4 times and the most thrilling ride I've ever tried there was the Log Jam. I just felt the need to put that out there.

I stayed in that position (that's me in the photo!) for more than a minute. I was on the verge of crying because it was so high up and I hated the feeling that my soul was about to rip itself away from my body. Everyone was betting I'd back out, I was betting I'd back out too! But I thought "What the hell, Samantha. Just do it already! You're never going to get over anything with how scared you are." And a few other mumbo jumbo about finally doing something thrilling in my life. I finally let go of the bars at one point and ta-da. It wasn't so bad. To be honest, I'd never do that again in my life. Kidding, I really want to experience that again!

That night, my mom and her friends had a bonfire. I was feeling down because something went wrong with my camera so I wasn't able to take photos. It was a lovely afternoon though, the sky was purple and pink and the fire was annoying me but it was all good. We went back to Manila the next day which made me a happy girl because of the long ride although it made my butt hurt. 

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