A long overdue post from when we went up to Baguio for labor day weekend just to escape the Manila heat. We left Manila at 3am of April 30th. To be honest I liked the ride going to Baguio as much as I liked our stay. I enjoy roadtrips with good music so much. 

The place we stayed in was like a little haven to me. It wasn't in the city proper so we were away from the busy, crowded streets. Upon arriving, I had it drilled into my mind that I never wanted to leave till summer was over. The weather was ultimately perfect. Unlike Manila, where it feels like we were sitting right next to the sun. 

We stopped by Our Lady of Manoag Church:

I wasn't able to snap pictures of the church itself though.


This is the house we stayed in! It had such a home-y feeling and all. 

And then we have the lazy boy, where I had claimed right over since we arrived. 

My spot for the majority of all the time we spent at the house. I literally spent afternoon naps and almost went to bed in that. Soooooo comfy! 

We went to one of the parks in the city proper and we spotted two ponies! Everyone called them dwarf horses like that was their maximum size but I though they were ponies. I didn't bother asking because I thought the owners would say they were dwarves. For the sake of business, I guess.

I took a lot of photos of flowers. Baguio had so many bright colored flowers that I rarely get to see in Manila. 

If you follow me on instagram, you'll notice I take a lot of photos on brick roads... I just ultimately realized this 5 minutes ago. 

More wonderful flowers!

The next morning was spent walking around and talking photos at the mall in Camp John Hay before we headed to Chef's Home for lunch. Well, this turned into a photo diary hasn't it? Our stay was pretty much uneventful since the main goal was to just escape the excruciating heat of Manila. I really wanted to pass by the Strawberry farm in Trinidad but we didn't get the chance to. Sob. 

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