Spontaneous trips are always appreciated in my book. 

When we were on our way home from class, one of best friends, Louise decided to go and drive around. Naturally, I decided to tag along. 

Her dad tagged along too. To him, Louise's drving skills weren't very good for him but they seemed fine to me.

I seriously enjoy roadtrips with friends especially when you have good music on. We had old pop songs playing and it felt really nice to hear songs you haven't heard in the past year. Blast from the past. Swoosh.

It was so windy and the scenery was really nice. I love driving though C5. Lol correct me if I'm wrong. I've only been here a few times! I'm probably over reacting but I feel really bubbly whenever I'm in a car with friends. Like you can go and do whatever you want and you're with your friends. Something funny or amazing is bound to happen.

We kept going on and on till we reached a place where we thought it would be cool to do some street photography for our humanities project. Street photography was actually Louise's theme, mine was football. After that was done, we ended up at SM Sucat where we ate dinner and looked at cars that were on display. Oh how I wish I could have my own car and go on roadtrips myself!

I also want to dedicate this blog post to Louise, thanks for all the spontaneous things and struggles we have gone through. All the love, S. HAHAHAAHA ok kidding bye wow dedication really, Sam? Alright.

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