Easter Picnic

 About 2 weeks ago for Easter Sunday, my dad and his girlfriend decided to have a picnic at Ayala Triangle. The whole thing certainly brightened up my day since I had originally planned to stay at home in front of my loving laptop.

Short girl problems. Look at the end of my leggings.

My dad is not wearing cute socks. Sigh. One thing you should know about me is that I love cute/cool looking socks. I adore them.

So my dad and his girl brought along food with them so we didn't have to buy any at the restaurants. It turned out pretty well because I am in love with tomatoes. The pita bread was good too. I don't recall what we made. It looks like a burrito right? So it's probably a burrito.

I'm not going to say that Ayala Triangle that Ayala Triangle is one of my favorite places but I enjoy all the times we end up here. It's a really pretty place with a lot of trees. The place makes you want to chill with friends or go for a jog. In short, this place is wonderful.

And of course with a really pretty place why would I not undergo a little photoshoot?

We got some ice cream after and to my delight, I was able to get my favorite ice cream flavor, ferrero! There was this period during the school year where I would literally travel to Town from school just to get some ice cream. Not to mention that it costs a fortune! Sad wailing is heard here.

I swear this is as candid as it gets.

A lot of dogs were around the place too and some of them were free to roam on their own. That made me want to get a dog just to make it love me then follow me around without any leash. Or at least make sure the cutie makes his way back to me. One dog came to where we were staying and I got to stroke it. So soft.

You could say this was the first time I experienced a planned out picnic. It was nice. I definitely want to do this with my friends. Or not. I have mixed emotions. The grass was nice. End of story.

Hope you had a nice Easter!

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