Snip, snip

I have vowed to never cut my hair short again. Having short hair makes me look like a kid. I already look like a kid and have the height of a kid, why would I let my hair add to those factors?

Just recently though, I decided to get a haircut. Just a trim. You're probably thinking "Oh she asked for a trim but the hairdresser probably cut way too much." Nope. For the first time, I finally got the haircut I wanted. I was fully satisfied with it. It was still long af and finally layered. I was about to pay the cashier when my friend told me that nothing happened and I was going to pay for nothing. I really didn't mind because that was what I was aiming for anyway. I know, I know what a waste of money! But I honestly didn't mind because it was what I wanted.

But somehow my friend convinced me to cut off a few more inches. So a few more inches meant a lot more. Like, a lot. So now we can insert the part where it was supposed to be a few inches but the hairdresser cut way too much.

Hold up I don't know how to pose for these kinds of photos pose.

Tada. I don't think I've ever had my hair that short. Ever. Okay, maybe it got that short when I was a kid. And maybe when I was a sophomore. It was probably longer than this. The past is in the past. My hair (and face) does not matter now.

Plot twist: That's only the front. Remember, I got my hair layered! Hahaha. No way was I going to allow my hair to be that short.

Most of my friends tell me that short hair really suits me and I should just cut off the rest of my long-ish hair but I can't I just literally cannot. White girl language and white girl self turning on because literally I cannot handle that short hair since my hair is really fluffy and it kind of takes a lot of effort to defluff it.

Bish, don't kill my vibe.

Oh and thank you to my friend, Adrian for getting the top I'm wearing for me. Harts.

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