The previous Sunday was spent under the blazing sun with old teammates.

The only thing I don't like about football is when the sun beats me and my skin up.

RIFA REFEREES CUP. There were only 4 teams. Two from Beda (Team A - us, the alumni and team B - the highschool.) Army FC and Western Bicutan. Kind of a bummer but still really fun at the same time! There wasn't much thrill since there were such few teams. For our first game we had to go against the high school which coach made as our warm up. Fun. Haha. How many times have I used fun already?

We ended up meeting again during championship. Beda VS Beda. All the games before that went by pretty quickly because one game was only 20 minutes. It felt really short and cut off but it worked for me since I didn't want to get burned by the sun!

The alumni of our batch! Incomplete as usual though.

I spent most of the time taking photos because my theme/topic for my humanities finals would be about football. Basically, I had to take a lot of photos because photography for humanities. Wow my grammar sucks and I don't get what I just said but I hope you do. Hah.

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