Life Lately

1 . New futsal shoes! Magistas, baby. These are my new babies and I adore them because they’re really pretty(isn’t that obvious?) and comfortable to use. Not to mention they’re right for my feet since the past futsal shoes I’ve used are always a size bigger than my actual size.

2 . Since it’s sembreak, I get to sleep in and wake up anytime I want. I wake up at around 8 or 10 then open my window and watch the sun flood into my room, and that is one of my favorite things in life. It’s also my favorite time of the day.

3 . A really unexpected late night adventure at Starbucks with my friend. Roadtrips at night are nice.

4 . Spending a lot of time with the team and loving them more and more.

5 . A shot from one of many because candid white girl hipster square reasons, ya feel?

6 . Spending halloween with my favorite people at Hillsborough! We were supposed to go to the beach..but apparently life said, “maybe next time.” What’s important is that we got to catch up and it was a great day.

7 . Developed an unhealthy obsession with Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989.

8 . Christmas drinks are back at Starbucks, everyone! I hate coffee but I love the fact that I can order butterbeer again! I love butterbeer.

9 . Getting all hyped over Christmas decorations just because they’re all so pretty to look at. It’s that time of the year where pretty light are everywhere.

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