I never thought I would here myself saying this, but I adore Mondays now! It's because of my schedule. (HEH) I only have one class for the day and it's at 1:30. It would probably be better if it was like 9 so I still had all the time in the world but I'm pretty okay with the afternoon class. I'm supposed to have PE at 3, but since varsity players are exempted from PE and I'm a varsity player... I get to do whatever I want after my first class!!

Okay, I was kidding about how I adore Mondays now. It's only the third monday of my college life and so far I've enjoyed most of them but there's this thing going on that the varsity players are going to get like a meeting or whatever. Well, I'm not sure how that's going to turn out so I'll get back to you if I finally make a decision to hail Mondays as days I like. (Like. Cause no way am I loving Monday.)

Mondays are also... wash days! Wash days are like when you wear civilian clothes instead of our very, very hot uniform. (Long sleeves and a vest? News flash we are in the Philippines.)

swear i felt like i was the only one in a skirt
All the CMS babies were wearing white today too! Too bad we don't have a picture. We're still adorable in memory. Neil and Audrie had their first day of college today too. It isn't official thought. Something along the line of an orientation week. Yup, a week. Freshman week! Haha.

Neil said he'd be picking me up after my class but guess who was already waiting for me at Beda's main gate? He got me a strawberry cheesecake frap from Starbucks and it was my first time tasting it and it was delicious. Definitely recommend everyone to try it out.

it says jeffrey haha 

Thanks to wash day, Neil got through the main gate! Audrie came to visit me today too but the guards didn't let her get through the main gate so she had to wait for an hour for me.
Posting this because this is literally the only academic thing we did today and we didn't even have a prof
the gang for today

After I got dismissed, me and Neil went straight to Audrie!!! I adore her new backpack, I'm jealous. I missed her so much and I still miss her even though we just saw each other a few hours ago. We are schools away and I miss having her around like next classroom kind of around. College is tearing us apart. Physically. We ate at 7 Eleven because we were trying to save and we all had to go home early. Worth it even though we only hung out for less than an hour.

Audrie in her new uniform and backpack!!!
So cute.
This is candid, I promise.

PS, I have developed an addiction to mirror selfies.

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