First Day Of College!

First day of college was pretty okay. I was already friends with a few of my blockmates because of the orientation we had two weeks ago. It doesn't change the fact that I was still plenty nervous awhile ago!

We got to wore civilian clothes today because today is Monday and in Beda it's Monday Washday. Weird how it doesn't land on a Friday. Probably because they don't want any Bedans going out after school on Fridays.

I only had two subjects for the day which was PEP1 and PE. Guess who the professor was for PEP? My second year high school adviser and theology teacher, Sir Aviles! We got dismissed early for both subjects and my blockmates were roaring to go to town. Of course, I was hesitant because money and I wasn't really in the mood to go out. Nonetheless, I still went because I really wasn't the type to say no to get to know new people. (Okay, maybe I am. Sometimes.) And I thought that it was a good chance to get to know everyone a little more and become closer.

The town trip was fun even though it was a bit unusual to be with new people other than your friends. Especially since we didn't really do the things I was really used to doing at town! All in all, it was really fun and it was great hanging out with everyone. We took a lot of pictures but they're all on my phone. Probably going to rot in there.

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