sunday relaxation

I had no plans of moving this day = Lazy outfit

My dad's girlfriend got a new camera last Sunday. It's a Fujifilm X10 and it's a small, cute, retro-looking camera. She sold her dslr to get this baby since she felt like the big dslr's should be left with the professionals. I think the X10 is a mini dslr but according to her it isn't. I hope it isn't classified as a dslr because then I could borrow it when I go to concerts in the future! I'm just so in love with how good the pictures look and how light it is. I wish I could have it!!!

Starbucks just opened near us and I'm not a big fan of Starbucks... I hate coffee. I only love Starbucks when it's Christmas time because they have butterbeer available. Butterbeer isn't available during normal time because it needs toffee nut syrup and toffee nut syrup is only available during Christmas time.

Whipped cream is nice it's so creamy and good and I wish I could order like a cup of whipped cream. This post is so white girl of me haha

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