all good things come to an end

Actually, all things come to an end. Just like all our sad, miserable lives. Kidding. On the serious side, everything does end. We just never see it coming when it does. We lost our game last Sunday, meaning our streak ended. We didn't get that 4 peat we wanted to graduate with. It's funny how 3 years of hardwork got replaced with just one game. Hashtag drama mode!!!!

It hurt because our pride was bruised a bit, because it was our last official serious game and well, 4 peat!!!!! It hurt. Especially when coach shed a few tears during halftime. 4 years of being together and all that. In short, I am in between right now. I know I could've done better. I wish I could've done better. I felt like I did give it my all, my probably not cause I made some really small but stupid mistakes that could've helped us. I swear I let the tears just run once the whistle blew. I didn't even bother to shake hands with the other team. I didn't want them to see me crying!!! They were nice though, really nice. Aly/Ali even gave me a really long hug and patted me on the back. (I've been playing against her for most of the school year, she's super cute and friendly!) EVEN WHEN I STOPPED CRYING, I STARTED TEARING UP AGAIN DURING PHOTO TAKING. IT STINGS.

I just realized the day after that my football life is almost officially over since I don't have any plans on continuing to play once I reach college. sob sob sob. I love the team, I love coach and I love playing football even if I'm not much of an enthusiast about teams and things. I love playing football.

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