Here comes a feeling you thought you'd forgotten

2014 was a year I wished we didn't enter for many reasons such as college entrance test results, semis and hopefully championships for RIFA, graduating and heading off to college. I can't believe I'm leaving high school in a few months. I can still remember the sophomore me, not caring because senior year felt so far off. Unfortunately, time flew by quickly. Before 2014 arrived, everytime someone mentioned it I would usually dread it.

It's 2014 now and I don't dread it that much anymore. I'm excited and nervous for the things that are going to happen to me this year. It literally feels like a fresh start because I have no idea what's in store, no expectations of what's going to happen since there're going to be a lot of changes. 

Three days in 2014 and: me and Neil had our first date of the year at town yesterday. What made it special was it was a sudden, unexpected date. We were heading down from Tagaytay when I texted Neil, "Tooown!!" Surprisingly, his parents agreed even though it was really sudden. Hooray! We spent the afternoon trying to play Just Dance. I have developed this addiction to Just Dance which lasted for a few days but it's gone now. As for today, me and my family went to SM Aura. It was my first time there. Congratulations to me. I've developed a new addiction to big bows. I bought my 3rd one today.

Hoping your 2014 goes well! 

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