Last December 18, we had our Christmas party/family day at Beda. It was the first ever family day for the fourth year. The program was held in the gym and thank God it wasn't that hot. To be honest, I bet at least half of the parents wouldn't have gone to this event if it wasn't for the extra grade. The program and games were okay. All the career tracls had to show a short presentation which we only prepared the day before. For my career track, we did the 9 talents of Christmas. One talent per letter. My Section got C and S which we made into cheering and stageplay. I didn't really do anything except clap and chant. Arts won because even though it kind of sucked, it was different from the other career tracks haha.

TO THE GOOD PART. Ever since 2nd year, the gala after Christmas party was always fun. 2nd year was mostly awkward though. This was when me and Viola kind of officially became friends. We met that day because of Julia and then Julia and the others left me and Viola alone. That was super awkward to the highest levels and we went around town for hours looking at stuff and agreeing on everything.

Last year was really really fun. We headed to Jamba Juice without remembering the fact that we spent our after Christmas party there too. When we got there, most of our batchmates were there too. Bedan invasion as usual HAHA.

Me, Kimi and Viola bought Starbucks and hang out at Jamba.  

Look at that kid in the picture. He was taking photos of himself and he was cute and we laughed not at him, but about him and he got mad and pointed to one of my friends. HAAHHAA.

With Kyle, one of the best guitarists and singers I know personally.

After going around, everyone started going home. That's when me, Viola and Neil met up with Monica, Kate and Merwin.

And finally, just dance!!!!

I swear we played for 30 minutes, took a break then played 30 minutes again then moved upstairs to shoot some balls. HAHAH. We left town at quarter to 9. Spent the whole freaking day at town.


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