Hooray. It's one of those chill days in Beda where you just...chill and laugh in jeans and your color coded shirt. When I arrived at Beda, Dimps and Kate were playing ketchup and I had Kate's camera and so:

Okay. Under the scarf is a tray. A tray of lumpiang shanghai. You're probably wondering why I took a picture of that. That tray/case/container of lumpiang shanghai doesn't belong to any of my friends. It was simply sitting on the bench by itself. No one seemed to be watchig over it and there was a small opening on the side and....... my friends got 2-3 pieces. HAHAHAHAHAHAH I'm sorry whoever who owns that. Please forgive us. It was food to share anyway. 

My classmates preparing for our boodle fight! 

Jaime blocking my shot of IV-11 getting into our room because we had to unite sections for awhile because their room was being used by the models.

I think that's Valerie from the third year dancing ballet. Wee. 
Ivan Laput opening our set (set? lol)

The flame went out so hahahaha
How cool it would have been if I got the whole word. The nice shot didn't even form the senior. (; ̄д ̄)

That was the last good shot I got before Kate's camera died. This was a competition with the other batches and guess who won? Us, the seniors! Not bragging or anything, there wasn't any competition to begin with. We were the only batch who made everything extravagant with the chants and changing into the black shirt. So... No thrill for us. Maybe this isn't important to the other batches that's why they didn't prepare as much as we did... Well, it doesn't really matter. It's gonna matter during the batch cheering week though. 

And finally, I'm done with this post. I thought about not posting this anymore since the koleksyon happened 2 months ago but I thought, what about the pictures??? So here is a late post. 

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