the good keeps getting better

I'm going to start with Friday. bazookarocksph on twitter held a contest where you have to tweet what you want to whisper into your favorite band member's ear given the chance with the hashtag #BazookaRocks2AtSMX and whoever gets retweeted wins a ticket. So I went all out thinking of everything I wanted to say. I even went to pick up line accounts because maybe tweeting tagalog banats won't be counted. (But they were counted.) An hour before the contest ended, I GOT RETWEETED and out of all of what I tweeted, they retweeted "Junior is waiting at home!!!!" HAHAHA so corny but at least I get to go to Bazooka Rocks for free. Then, another miracle happened. One of my friends, Monica, also got retweeted! Guess what she did. She decided to give it to Audrie. Thank God for nice people.

Saturday morning, Audrie called saying her dad finally allowed her to BRF. Everything turned alright in the end after all.

- - SKIPS TO BRF - -

Just like last year, I arrived at SMX after lunch. I missed RadioDriveBy's set which really sucks because I wanted to hear them live. At least I caught them at the merch booth signing things. Me and Audrie explored the place and we wanted to ride one of those moving animals but they were always occupied by other people.

Tonight Alive started their set and I'm not a fan but they sound really good. Jenna's voice was beautiful.

And here's a photo off people enjoying a mosh pit. 
I'm not a fan of We Came As Romans but they were great live. They had loads of energy and I enjoyed singing to Glad You Came!
Josh Burke from Red Jumpsuit Apparatus! 

During Anberlin's set, me and Audrie were one layer of people away from the barrier and there were these girls who had their butts stuck out. It was very annoying because there are already a hundred people surrounding us and these girls didn't have the consideration to stand up properly. What sucks more was they were sleeping/napping through Anberlin's set! How rude. So what if they weren't fans? They could've had the respect to at least stand up properly and not sleep in front of the band. Me, Audrie and other people started getting really pissed and well...


After Anberlin's set they set up the white curtain that covered the stage and me and Audrie freaked out because it felt like Straight To DVD and yes we freaked out very much. And you can see the white sheet dropping in the second photo. It was a glorious thing to experience.

There are so many things wrong with this shot but let's all ignore it simply because it says "All Time Low"

In the videos I took, I could see bras trying to make their ways on to stage. They looked like jumping fish and it was cool. Warning, Jack Barakat photo spam because he was the only one I got decent pictures of since he kept coming to our side. I am sad because I wasn't able to see Rian up close.

I cried through the first 3-4 songs of their set. I cried really, really, really hard. Especially during the first song, Lost In Stereo. My emotions were overflowing and I felt so happy and overwhelmed. I kept thinking, "Wow. This is it. This is All Time Low. Live. I'm hearing them. Live. They're moving in front of me. Not on a screen. Alex's voice live is perfect. This is perfect. I don't know what to feel." Then insert me screaming inside my head and outside. Also, I could hear myself crying while singing and shouting in my videos... No regrets

Alex, performing Remembering Sunday alone. I've been listening to this since I was a freshman and hearing it live... asjhaskdha no words
Alex, letting us sing a part of the song.
I still get giddy whenever I remember Alex letting us sing the rest of the line or verse then saying we sound amazing. I'm pretty sure I went on about that for 5 days after brf. I felt so happy and perfect when I sang along with the crowd and I felt everyone's emotions and just... I have many feels about those kinds of moments. 

Look it's Nick Santino. 

A Rocket To The Moon was up next and I felt so nervous and excited and sad at the same time. Audrie left to go to the merch table for All Time Low and I decided to stay where I was because we were already at the barrier and I refused to lose such a good spot. Before ARTTM started playing, Audrie called me. She was already in their car, on the way home because her dad made her leave already. She was really upset and I wish she was able to finish it with me.

I didn't get a lot of photos though. Just videos.Their first song was my favorite song, If Only They Knew and I wanted to cry then but I couldn't...yet. During On Your Side, I felt like I was about to cry but then.... the bouncer in front laughed at me. Like point and laugh. I got really pissed and didn't end up crying but I soon forgot about that because my mother started flooding me with messages to go out and not finish ARTTM anymore. She brought  my tito along to pick me up so I had to give in. I started crying when before leaving the barrier and cried through the crowd. I kept crying the whole way home and continued crying even at home because it hurts. They're breaking up and I didn't finish their set. I wasn't even able to meet them or thank them for everything they've done for me. I made it till Going Out and that's that. I will forever regret not finishing A Rocket To The Moon's last show in Manila.

BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT. The 8123 tour is coming to Manila in January 2014! That meThe Maine, This Century, Brighten and.. A Rocket To The Moon. I'm not sure which bands are going. I hope they all go. (Also A Rocket To The Moon.) (They can have their very, very, very final show again here.)

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