Series Of Skies

1. I painted this during the sleepover I had with Audrie. And it's the sky when the sun is setting. I think it kind of fails at that part.... But I still think it looks nice and it's already an accomplishment on my part. HAHA

2. ------------------------------------------------------------------ I wish I was rich. 

3. This is what I painted recently. Recently as in just the other day. I was originally going to paint a galaxy kind of thing but I felt like painting the sky more. HAHA DOES IT EVEN LOOK LIKE THE SKY??? I like it though, I TRIED HAHAHAHAHA. The cloud on the bottom right looks like a huge mistake though. 

After I was done painting that, I thought of a better way to paint the cloud onto the sky. Next time then. 

(On the other hand, I haven't even dropped my wreck this journal from a high place yet. Always planned on doing it at Beda, on the fourth floor.. But....Yeah.)

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