You've Got It Made

Ice cream vendor man^

Me and my family went to Morong, Bataan last week. The beach wasn't that spectacular or anything. There weren't even any waves and there was A LOT of trash (Napkins and diapers ew.)(People. Sigh.) Huhu. Sad to say I spent most of my time swimming in the pool instead of the beach. I enjoyed the sand though. I always enjoy the sand.

One of my favorite things about our trip was the roadtrip all the way here. I'm known to be prone to motion sickness and being really paranoid about going up the mountain in a car and all those zig zaggy roads. Despite all that, I really enjoyed this trip. I didn't get assaulted by motion sickness and I was listening to very good music and I was very comfy in my seat and I enjoyed looking out the window. (Window seats are the best.)

I tried to be a turtle but the sand said no. 


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed of making the perfect sandcastle. I always attempt to make a really nice one every time I go to a beach. So,

Despite the very mean comments my mom and tito had about my sand castle, I think it is a very lovely sand castle. :-(

I even put shells on the side of my castle and two towers on each side of the castle. HAHA I TRIED

Pretty sunset!!

That's pretty much it for our vacation. I did a lot of swimming and frolicking in the sand and it was really nice to just swim. I think I have turned into a nigger. I really enjoyed but I kind of wish the beach was a bit better he he. Oh and long roadtrips are nice but they make my butt hurt.

Also, we ate at Pepper Lunch in Harbor Point, Subic. I'm saying this because I love Pepper Lunch. It has replaced my obsession for Bon Chon. I'm sorry Bon Chon. 

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