Movies At The Park

My mom and I decided to go out for some dessert because she was craving for something sweet. We ended up at Greenbelt somehow and we were surprised to see a huge tv screen with tables and chairs set up in front of it! Events like these make me love Ayala even more.

The movie they were playing was Clueless. According to my  mom, it was an old movie and was really "in" during their time. It was a really nice movie. 

The iPhone's camera is really great. 
 My all time favorite from Starbucks, Strawberries n Cream! I don't know what Mama's was though. (Fact: I hate coffee)

OREO CHEESECAKE! I've been craving for a slice of cheesecake the past few days.

Also, I got my nails painted blue today!

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