Bazooka Rocks II

This is the line up for Bazooka Rocks II!!! Proud to say I was part of BRF last year and I'll be sure to go to this year's brf too. I like the line up as much as I did with last year. What's better is that the ticket prices stay the same. Unlike last year, the ticket price went up every month. 

I'm really excited about All Time Low and A Rocket To The Moon. ESPECIALLY ARTTM. As everyone knows, or nobody knows, ARTTM has decided to call it quits after the 8123 tour but lucky Manila gets one last show with them. Hence the "ONE LAST NIGHT WITH -" 

("Ew she's only going for ATL and ARTTM")

Yes. And no.Yes, I'm going to brf for them. This would be my first time seeing ATL and my last time seeing ARTTM. This is both heartbreaking and exciting at the same time. No, I'm not just going for them only. I'm excited to see Radiodriveby and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Mmm, gradeschool days.) and I'm going to make sure to give the other bands a listen!

You want to know what's heartbreaking? Fast passes for ATL and ARTTM are sold out already.Which really hurts to the point I kind of sobbed for ARTTM. It may be my last chance to thank them and tell them how much I love them and that I'll always be on their side. This hurts because I was already planning on what to do and give. (Fast passes = M&G) and I really hope and really want/need to get my hands on a fast pass. 

Still a pretty long way till August so till then, I'm not losing hope for a fast pass. If I don't at least I get to see them live right? (*Emotionally breaks down and rolls self into cat litter*)

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