ATC Salta

Salta - Jump.

I went to town with Audrie and Kate (plus Kate's family) a week ago or so and there was an event going on which I was completely unaware of as usual. (Unless you tell me about it personally.)

We came across a really cool group called #thelightswitch and they had this project going on. I think they called it 6 Degrees Of Seperation. They would take your photo in black and white and post it then you would connect yourself to anyone you wanted or to anyone you knew. But I don't really know. In Audrie's words, "a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend."

We went to Jamba after we had our photos because OATMEAL AND BANANAS. 

Me and Audrie went around town after we brought Kate to her ~singing lessons~ we went to this shop where there were really cool cameras and film for instax and we were hating on how poor we were and if we had the money, we would do so much with it. We were tired so we just sat in front of the lightswitch and waited for our photos to be developed and posted. 

Kate got placed just beside Jerwin!
Spot the string connecting me and Audrie.
There were some artists drawing caricatures for a cheap price and after Audrie went with her dad, Ate Bhing treated me to a caricature with Kate!!! After that, she treated me Pepper Lunch. Forever treated as one of Ate Bhing's children. 

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