Party In Nowhere Land

All photos are a mix of mine and Kimi's.

Me and the team went to Camayan Club in Subic this summer. Last year we went to Pico De Loro. A place I liked more... (jk.) but we can't go there anymore. We were banned. Kidding. 

I slept over at Kimi's the night before we left for Subic because we had to be at Mcdo Town at 5 am. I did not want to leave my own house at 4 am and have someone drive me there that early. We left at 5:40-ish anyway. Because me and Kimi arrived late. [laughs] 

The trip was 4-5 hours long? Well it was a long trip and I spent most of it listening to music and laughing with Jilanah, Kimi and Ivy. 

The Summer Set's new album, Legendary is perfect. And this song always gives me good vibes all over. 

Once we arrived, we looked for a place to settle our things. Half of our team went to eat while some of us stayed and watched the things. We still ate together though. 

Jilanah's blueberry cheesecake! Craving.

We went swimming after we ate and everything was so rocky because I don't know how to explain but it was there on the left side of the beach. And the middle side was the side where there weren't very many very sharp rocks. Everyone got cuts on their legs. I didn't though. Hooray.

We went kayaking after awhile and kayaking was a really, really tiring yet fun and experience! I felt like my arms were about to fall off yet Julia was screaming at me to work harder and keep paddling/kayaking/dipping the stick into the ocean and pushing or pulling. It was really tiring but I felt accomplished in the end. No photos because only Ivy had photos but I don't know how to get them from her.

After that, we all just swam and swam and bummed in the ocean. They decided to play football which I didn't participate in because I was too lazy. 

Some decided to wash up already and so that we won't be too crowded in the shower room and changing area, there had to be the first batch and second batch.


We headed to Harbor Point before going home to grab some dinner at Army Navy (Quesadillas oh yes.) and the Nike outlet store where everything was cheaper. I kind of slept all the way back home. 

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